The Resource Library is now on our new Behrman House website, and all items are available for download. There is one difference from our old Resource Library system that faithful users will notice: this time around, our downloadable items are available for free.*

Need some extra resources to supplement your teaching materials? The Resource Libraries offer single lesson plans and activities that address the exact subject you’re teaching without the commitment of an entire book. Dig deeper into your teaching of the holidays, values, Bible stories, Israel, and more with quick and simple lessons to support your plans.

To find the Resource Libraries, visit our website and click on our Plan page.

Select the Resource Libraries from the menu and you'll return to the Resource Libraries just as you remember it.

Help yourself and happy planning!

*A handful of our items, such as Jewpardy or some of the Hot Topics items, are located in the main Behrman House store for a small charge. Having trouble locating a resource that you need? Contact for assistance.


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