Time Constrained? Budget Crunched? Need a Judaics Curriculum? Start Here with Our Instant Resources

With so much uncertainty around the health of your community and how to reach and teach students and families in this environment, Behrman House has been looking for ways to help educators, to try to make things just a little easier.

One of the things we have done is to develop a Judaics curriculum guide for part-time Jewish education programs that can help you structure a program to carry you through the school year. The guide is based on a variety of FREE resources that we have gathered together in one convenient place for you.

This curriculum is particularly well-suited for small schools, those facing a budget crunch, or  those who may be cutting down on meeting times on Zoom and just need a few really good lessons to help you strengthen connections with your learners.

The guide is a tool that’s based on 3 Big Ideas in Jewish Education. It shows you how the lessons are connected, and what learning will take place. It is in a convenient downloadable PDF format to make it easy for you to share with parents, to give them confidence about your program in this especially difficult year.

These are the 3 big ideas: 

#1: Deep Connection to Our Sacred Texts. By developing deeper connections to our sacred texts we discover the values of our tradition and can find meaning for our own lives.

#2: Belonging to a Spiritual Community of Practice. Jewish life is richest when it’s lived in community. Communities help us connect at times of joy and sadness and feel supported by others, whether in person or virtually. Communal prayer and ritual celebrations are some ways Jews build community.

#3: Living Our Values. The values of our tradition help us find meaning and purpose in life and help us experience deep connection to one another, to the world, and to God.

What's included in this short guide:

  • Essential questions for each of the 3 big ideas, divided into young, elementary, and middle grades
  • Examples of evidence of learning, to give you ideas for how to gauge progress
  • Links to the FREE teacher and student materials to give you a complete lesson for each Big Idea

Download the curriculum guide here.

It's also available directly from the Behrman House home page.



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