Using Hebrew in Harmony on an iOS Device?

Whether you use Hebrew in Harmony on an iPad or iPhone, be sure to check the App Store for a software update to enjoy the newest version.

What’s New:

  • - Now includes two free prayer modules - Sh'ma and Mi Chamocha
  • - Prayer text now scrolls when user sings along
  • - Students can create recordings offline, and instructions are given to connect to Wifi so the recordings can upload
  • - Download all prayers offline with just a few taps
  • - Reliable uploading of custom recordings 
  • - Zombie Pizza Party game now includes instructions, and users can mute background music
  • - Teachers can see difficulty level of student reading practice recordings 
  • - Teaches are notified immediately when a student completes practice mode
  • - Fixes all known crashes and hangs

The Hebrew in Harmony app can be used on any device - tablets, smartphones, or computers. Includes videos that teach the meaning of each prayer, music, games, and practice and recording capabilities. Click here for more about the app.