Welcome to the Seder Connects Oregon Community

For years the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland has held a community seder and invited community and religious leaders of all faiths.

Why will this Passover be different from all those previous events? They will be using Welcome to the Seder, purchased with a local grant expressly to “shake things up and provide more opportunities” for people to learn about the holiday, according to Rachel Nelson, the director of educational initiatives and intergroup outreach at the Federation.

Billed as an “intergroup” seder and held at the Jewish Community Center, the program is designed to build bridges between the Jewish community and others such as the NAACP and the local Latino community, in addition to faith-based groups. Different rabbis lead the intergroup seder every year, coordinated through the Oregon Board of Rabbis.

“We specifically invite different people in so they can learn a bit more about Judaism and our work and how we want to be in partnership with them. It’s a lovely evening,” said Nava Sherwood, the program administrator.

The grant covered the purchase of 210 copies of Welcome to the Seder, which Sherwood said the Federation loves because “the format and the art are great, it’s really easy to follow, and it’s accessible to our intergroup community.Welcome to the Seder by Rabbi Kerry Olitzky includes traditional seder texts supplemented by quotes, poems, readings, and stories that acknowledge, value, and include a wide range of backgrounds of seder participants. 

Want to use Welcome to the Seder for a community or congregational seder? Quantity discounts available. Contact us for more information.


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