Singing the Mah Nishtanah gives children a chance to participate in the Passover seder.

But there's more to the Four Questions than just a song.

As educators, we can prepare children for the holiday by building connections between the Mah Nishtanah and:

  • Understanding that stories and knowledge spring from questions
  • What it means to relive the transition from slavery to freedom
  • Jewish values of fighting injustice and slavery

Through Passover we are providing you with three free lessons about Mah Nishtanah and the seder from Hebrew in Harmonyour innovative music-based prayer curriculum.

In addition, here are two short videos to introduce the Mah Nishtanah. The videos feature musicians Noah Aronson and Eliana Light, who created the curriculum.  

Introduction to the Mah Nishtanah

Background about the Mah Nishtanah

While it's great to know the meaning of the Mah Nishtana, we can also help students build their Hebrew skills so they can sing the Four Questions with confidence.

Learn the traditional melody. 

Practice reading other Passover blessings in Hebrew.



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