Fretting about Passover yet? 

Amid the tumult of our new reality of physical distancing, Passover is likely to be celebrated quite differently this year. 

Here is a checklist to get you started on planning:

  • • Who's hosting seder?  Many families will refrain from traveling, and others are abiding by the guidelines of limiting gathering to fewer than 10 people. This will mean that people who are used to being guests may now need to hold their own seders at home, likely for the first time. 
  • • Who's coming to seder? Physical attendance may be limited to those in your household or close friends or neighbors. Consider whether to host or attend a virtual seder with family or friends who you can't be with you. For example, Rabbi Ellen Bernstein, author of the new The Promise of the Land haggadah is hosting a virtual environmental-themed "Earth seder" for anyone from around the world who wants to join. She will be in her home with her immediate family and participants will be able to join in via Zoom. The Alliance for Jewish Renewal (known as Aleph) is organizing registration for up to 500 people. More than a dozen rabbis around the country are also organizing similar remote Earth seders through Aleph. "I’m particularly excited that folks in quarantine will be able to join," says Bernstein. "It's a great way to be in community and celebrate Passover even when you're stuck at home."   
  • • Will everyone use the same haggadah? Some families prefer that all participants read from the same book, while others enjoy mixing it up. There are pros and cons to both approaches. 
  • • How might you envision virtual congregational or model seders?  Several congregations are beginning to plan for a livestreamed congregational seder instead, ordering individual boxed kosher-for-Passover dinners from their caterers and distributing them - plus a seder plate - to those who preorder. 

We want to hear from you! Tell us your Passover needs as your planning gets underway. 



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