Shalom Uvrachah has been fully redesigned for today's learners.

This effective Hebrew primer, our most widely used, is being updated with a fresh new look (goodbye, argyle sweaters) and some new activities (hello, partner work and more fun) to modernize this popular resource for teaching and learning to decode Hebrew using key cultural words.

The revised Shalom Uvrachah keeps the same successful structure as the original edition, updated with new, simplified graphics and new instructions for flexible activities easily adapted to today's teaching and learning situations.

The pages from the original and the revised edition match up - same content on the same pages - so there’s no need to buy entirely new set at once. You’ll be able to use both together and transfer over gradually if necessary for budget reasons.




Redesigned editions of the following will be available for school year 2024-25:

  • Shalom Uvrachah Print Edition

  • Shalom Uvrachah Script Edition

  • Shalom Uvrachah Primer Express