We all continue to follow the news and know this is a time of heightened awareness and concern about the health and safety of our families, students, and community. We share in your sadness, and look forward to a time when we can learn, celebrate, and simply be together in person.  

How We Are Responding

As you and your schools heed the directives set forth by state and local officials when it comes to preventative measures to stay healthy, we are here to help you adjust to teaching, learning, and parenting in this new environment of physical distancing.  

The Behrman House team is working hard to make it easier for you. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be rolling out a variety of student, teacher, and family resources to help us all through these challenging times.

What's Available Now

  • - Educator resources for the summer: Bite-size digital samples of top Hebrew and Judaica resources so you can continue building skills and maintaining connections with students. Learn more.
  • - Home Together: Jewish-themed games, crafts, recipes, and other activities from a variety of Behrman House sources to provide families a little oasis of Jewish fun - and a little bit of learning. Learn more.
  • - Apps and other digital resources for Hebrew practice. Learn more 

What's Coming

  • - Our most widely-used educational materials, in multimedia formats, such as turn-page versions and downloadable pages. Available beginning early June. (*see list below)

  • - Professional development webinars for teachers to adapt to remote learning. Learn more.

  • - A book-sending service to help get print materials to students at home if your school remains inaccessible this fall.

  • - An educator resource page for the fall: a curated collection of free, ready-to-go lessons and downloadable resources for both Hebrew and Judaica learning, including fall holidays.


Materials coming soon in turn-page versions:

Teachers and tutors will be able to use turn-page versions and share their screens during online sessions. Students can follow along with hard copies if they have them, or will be able to print select downloadable pages.


  • Alef Bet Quest 
  • Chaverim B’Ivrit volumes 1–6 
  • Hebrew in Harmony  
  • Hineni 1-3
  • Let's Discover the Alef Bet
  • Let's Talk: Modern Hebrew for Teens
  • Shalom Alef Bet
  • Shalom Hebrew 
  • Shalom Uvrachah Print 
  • Shalom Uvrachah Primer Express 


  • Explorer's Bible 1-2
  • Israel...It's Complicated
  • Kids Mensch Handbook
  • Let's Discover the Holidays
  • Let's Discover Kindness
  • Make, Create, Celebrate: Jewish Holidays Through Art
  • My Jewish Year
  • The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt
  • Teach Me Torah 1-2



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