Come mid-April, Golem Express members will be receiving the second package in their 2018 subscription. Here’s what members can expect:

Let’s Discover Kindness (Grades 1-2, retail price: $8.50)

It seems that the world needs more kindness, and now more than ever. But what is kindness, and how do we develop it in ourselves and others?

This set of eight 4-page folders aims to help young children explore the values of kindness and the character traits that contribute to kindness through a Jewish lens. The series introduces the following topics to young learners:

- Kindness
- Empathy
- Kindness to Yourself
- Gratitude
- Respect
- Acceptance
- Forgiveness
- A Kinder World

Students will use role-playing, mindfulness activities, personal reflection, and more to explore their emotional responses to the themes and begin to foster those traits in themselves, and students will also be introduced to a new Hebrew word every time they open a new folder. Sold separately is a teacher’s edition to help guide your students through the material.

Make, Create, Celebrate! Jewish Holidays Through Art (Grades 4-6, retail price: $13.95)

This stunning book engages students visually as a way to help them unlock the meaning of the Jewish holidays and their underlying values. Through in-depth instruction, examples from multicultural artistic pieces, and projects that promote self-expression, students learn all year-long and will finish the year with a beautiful portfolio of the work they’ve created.

Values and Ethics: Torah Topics for Today (Grades 6+, retail price: $18.95)

Pair stories from the parashot to Jewish values and ethics you can incorporate into everyday life. Each of the 54 Torah portions is quoted and discussed thoughtfully and then paired with a specific value to be learned from the text, such as compassion, courage, gratitude, and patience. Values & Ethics can be used in a number of ways. Bar and bat mitzvah students can find deeper understanding of their Torah portion. Educators can search through the index to find a certain value they’d like to discuss through a Jewish perspective. Use it in the classroom or at home to encourage discussion.

More of Today’s Hot Topics (Grades 9+, $26.95)

Fans of the Hot Topics series will be glad to hear that we’ve got a new edition coming out. More of Today’s Hot Topics follows the same structure of previous texts in the Hot Topics series but presents a new list of complex topics of discussion for students to think about through a Jewish lens, such as anonymity on the Internet, anti-Semitism today, same-sex marriage and religious freedom, and the relevance of the Bible. For each topic, this teacher’s resource includes a lesson plan for the educator, and a source sheet and article for the student.

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