"Strong debut . . . this nuanced portrait of the state of American Judaism proffers a cogent vision of how to revitalize the faith." --Publishers Weekly


By Rabbi Joshua Stanton and Rabbi Benjamin Spratt

Foreword by the Rev. Kaji Dousa. Afterword by Dr. Eboo Patel

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Is Judaism in North America dying?  Is religious life in general on the wane? Or is Judaism thriving, but simply doing so outside those legacy institutions that have so far resisted change. In their new book, Rabbis Joshua Stanton and Benjamin Spratt invite debate about the future of Jewish communal life in North America, and claim that inspired, nimble religious organizations of all kinds are now retooling to meet the very different needs of today’s congregants. They show us new organizations now being created and argue that we are already witnessing the early stages of renewal in both Jewish life and in religious life outside Judaism.


“A powerful antidote to the tired narratives of demise plaguing contemporary Jewish life in favor of a stirring exploration of what Jewish life could be.”

--Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President, Union for Reform Judaism


“Brims with insight, gratitude, creativity, love, and stubborn hope.”

--Matthew L. Skinner, Professor of New Testament, Luther Seminary


“Challenges us to face the truth of it all and create anew. Such nourishment for our pluralistic and struggling world!”

--Sister Simone Campbell, SSS,  Executive Director, Network Lobby for Catholic Social Justice


"In making a compelling case for the vibrancy of American Jewry, “Awakenings” offers a long-overdue counterweight to the dire predictions about the future of the Jewish world’s most important Diaspora community. Even as Rabbis Stanton and Spratt rightly celebrate Diaspora, they are keenly aware of the need to strengthen the connection between American Jews and Israel. Along with a vision of American Jewish spiritual renewal, they offer the hope of a deepening and mutually respectful relationship between the world’s two largest Jewish communities. This book offers an essential roadmap to how we may maximize the unprecedented opportunities provided by a new era in Jewish history, whose implications we are just beginning to unpack."

--Yossi Klein Halevi, Senior Fellow, Shalom Hartman Institute;

author of the New York Times bestseller, Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor


Rabbi Benjamin Spratt is Senior Rabbi of Congregation Rodeph Sholom, in New York City.

Rabbi Joshua Stanton is the Spiritual co-Leader of East End Temple in New York and Senior Fellow of CLAL, the National Center of Learning and Leadership. 

Together they write a column for Religion News Service.

Rev Kaji Dousa is Senior Pastor of Park Avenue Christian Church in New York City.

Dr. Eboo Patel is founder and president of Interfaith Youth Core.



American Jewish Transformations in Identity, Leadership, and Belonging

ISBN 978-1-68115-089-5

Hardcover, 6 x 9, 192 pages, $24.95

REL016000 RELIGION/Institutions & Organizations

SOC039000 SOCIAL SCIENCE/ Sociology of Religion 

SOC049000 SOCIAL SCIENCE/Jewish Studies



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