Finding enough time for Hebrew learning is often a challenge. Hebrew through music is helping here, by engaging students in new and interesting ways. Here are some tips for using Hebrew in Harmony when you've got limited time.

The rich variety of ways to learn Hebrew prayer through music and the volume of activities are two key features of Hebrew in Harmony Curriculum Core that educators find most valuable. 

Stacey Delcau, director of education at Temple De Hirsch Sinai in Seattle, wrote to us: “I met with our teachers last night and one common thing they shared was that they love the Curriculum Core for Hebrew in Harmony and really use it every week. They love all the suggestions and implement them often.”

Some educators have also told us that they simply don’t have time to do all the activities included in the guide and want guidance about which activities are essential to meet the goals of the lesson.

We asked the curriculum's author, Eliana Light, to highlight the key activities in each module (there are three lessons per module) for schools with around 45 minutes of Hebrew learning time per week.

If you need to pare down the Hebrew in Harmony lessons for time, here are the Curriculum Core highlights. Click the image to download the PDF

Hear how one teacher in New Jersey engages her students with different activities based on the Curriculum Core. 

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