Coming Soon: New Simple Setup for Hebrew in Harmony Digital

Coming August 15, Hebrew in Harmony Digital will be available with a new simple setup to ensure easy access for students, teachers, and administrators.

No email addresses or passwords to remember - the app will remember you every time!

Note: If you're already set up with Hebrew in Harmony Digital in the Online Learning Center, you can continue to access it there. This is an alternate option. 

Here's how it will work:

• Purchase a license for the app (one per user) from Make sure you're signed into your account. If you don't have an account, you can create one on the spot.

After August 15:

Download and open the app or view it on a computer. The administrator or education director will be prompted to sign into the app using the account email and password that was used to make the purchase. This is a one-time-only step.

Enter a class name. The app will automatically generate ONE 7-digit code - ONE code for all the students in a class, and ONE code for the teachers. Distribute the codes.

Direct students and teachers to download the app and enter their code. Students do NOT need an email address. 

How this system differs from the OLC:

The previous method to access Hebrew in Harmony Digital (adding student emails, inviting teachers, sorting into classes) will NOT be necessary anymore.

With the new system, the classroom code connects the license with the student or teacher. The app will track how many students and teachers register using the codes and count down the number of available licenses. 

If you wish to order Hebrew in Harmony Digital now, you can! You'll be able to distribute the setup information to students and teachers after August 15. A detailed user's guide and other instructions will be available then. 



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