Behrman House converted many of our most widely-used educational materials into digital turn-page versions, making it easier for you continue teaching your tried and true curriculum.

With schools now fully underway, and most using remote or hybrid environments, students have been using digital learning materials at more than triple the rate from previous years. Thousands of students are logging in each week to use these turn-page materials. In particular, Hebrew digital materials are seeing the greatest use.

And educators are reporting great satisfaction with the turn-page materials, which are digital versions of books that teachers can share on screen during online sessions while students follow along with physical copies.

We've heard from educators that "having turn page materials has worked well for staff unfamiliar with the "glitz" of technology," and that they've "been able to keep things simple, yet maintain the quality of learning."


  • If you're scrolling while your mouse is hovered over the on-screen book, the pages will turn too fast. To avoid that, move your cursor off the book image.
  • If you're using a touchpad, try using just one finger when annotating the on-screen book. Using two fingers to swipe or move around will cause the pages to turn too fast. 

See all our turn-page materials here: 

Hebrew turn-page materials

Judaics turn-page materials



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