Let's talk Hanukkah gifts. Shopping for someone who needs to de-stress, needs a laugh or just a smile, or to refocus? Or maybe that's you. Either way, we’ve got you covered. All of our Hanukkah suggestions are available on Amazon. Are you an Amazon Prime member? Then you’re eligible for free 2-day shipping.

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Color yourself calm, Jewishly.

Relax and be inspired by the Jewish imagery in these intricate black and white line drawings that focus on shalom. Our Shalom Coloring series offers peaceful imagery and intricate mandalas, appropriate for artists of all ages and ability. Break out your colored pencils, sit back, and see where your mind takes you.

Try sample coloring pages here.

Shalom Coloring is available in three volumes: Shalom Coloring: Jewish designs for Contemplation and CalmMore Shalom Coloring: Bibles Mandalas for Contemplation and Calmand Shalom Coloring III: Animals of the Bible.


Oy Vey! A Yiddish Coloring Book

Coloring, shmoloring! You've had a bad day? Bubeleh, listen to me: go steal your kinder's crayons and pencils. It's time for you to start potchkeying with these fun, Yiddish-inspired coloring pages. Trust me, all your tsuris will melt away.

No, it doesn't matter if you've always been a klutz with color. This is the book for you, I tell you. So nu? What are you waiting for?




Kosher Crosswords

This collection of original Jewish-themed crosswords offers hours of entertainment, whether you’re a casual puzzler or challenge seeker, or somewhere in between. Contains:

  • - 68 crosswords, including four jumbos, and answer keys
  • - Puzzles of all difficulty levels — from light and easy to seriously tough
  • - Clever Jewish themes, from holidays and Bible to cinema and geography
  • - Tips about how to solve crosswords and how to decipher “crossword-ese”


Food and Fun 

Meshuggah Food Faces

Yes, it’s time to play with our food!  

Need to turn off all the stress and play a little but you’re still stuck at home?

Try a little laughter. It's been clinically proven to be good medicine. Edible artwork for a crazy world.



Seltzertopia: The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary Drink

How did such an ordinary drink become so extraordinary? Learn the untold story of seltzer and meet the seltzer men and women who turned a hobby into a passion. Discover…

  • - Why an eighteenth-century minister “invented” seltzer to save the British navy
  • - How the Jewish mafia showed their love of egg creams
  • - Why doctors once believed seltzer could cure everything from scurvy to gout
  • - What is seltzer, anyway?

Based on more than fourteen years of research and countless interviews, and including more than 75 photos, Seltzertopia celebrates the fizzy magic of a simple drink.



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