You’re not musically inclined? Neither are we (unless you count singing in the shower). That’s why we rounded up your favorite Jewish musicians to do the heavy lifting for you in Hebrew in Harmony.

This groundbreaking new curriculum harnesses the power of music to engage students with prayer. Long used to beautify the words and acts of prayer, music creates a safe and welcoming environment rich with learning opportunities. The dynamic multimedia lessons in Hebrew in Harmony rely on music to add joy and fun to Hebrew learning, as well as boost morale and motivation. It is designed specifically to be taught by educators, not musicians.

The beauty of Hebrew in Harmony is that it’s eminently teachable, especially by those without musical skills.The essential Curriculum Core contains fully scripted, timed lesson plans to create powerful lessons using art, movement, mindfulness activities, plus song lyrics for the music included in each prayer module. You simply play the music at the appropriate time, and today’s top professional musicians lead students through the musical portion of each lesson. The Curriculum Core also includes all song lyrics.

Marlene Myerson, curriculum specialist at Behrman House, recently had the following exchange with a rabbi, who is the director of lifelong learning at a large congregation. When asked if he had received his copy of Hebrew in Harmony through the Golem Plan, he said, “Yes. It’s sitting in a pile of things that I haven’t had time to look at. Actually, music is not my thing. I figured that it’s probably more appropriate for cantors.”

“Music is not my thing, either!” Marlene responded. “I don’t play an instrument and I cannot carry a tune BUT when I attend services, it’s the music that moves me. It is the music that allows me to make a spiritual connection with prayer. It is the music that enables me to pray with kavanah.”

“What is it that allows you to connect with the words of the prayers?” she asked the rabbi.

“Well, now that you mention it, I suppose that it is, in fact, the music that lifts me up and empowers me to make a spiritual connection with the prayers. The music is definitely my source of kavanah! I didn’t understand that that is what Hebrew in Harmony is all about,” he said. “Wow, I can’t wait to try it out!”

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