Our Annual Certificate Sale is On!

Our annual certificate sale is here! 

Purchase 25 or more Behrman House certificates and save 30% on your purchase. Whether you're mixing and matching or stocking up on an individual certificate, the sale applies to you.

If purchasing online, use code CERT18 at checkout to receive your discount. If you'd prefer, you can always email us at the link below to place your order or give us a call at 973-379-7200. This sale begins today and runs through May 1st. The discount applies to all certificates*. Remember, you must be logged in to take advantage of our annual sale.

Contact us today to place your order. Not ready to place your order? Click here to look at our selection of certificates


We have experienced printing issues with some of our certificates formally from the ARE. Temporarily, we are not selling the ARE Certificate of Confirmation (4152), Certificate of Completion (4174), or Simchat Bat Certificate (4150). We alternately have a Certificate of Confirmation from Behrman House (1C006) and have reduced the price to match the price of the ARE certificate. ARE also has another Certificate of Completion (4176) for you to consider. We do not carry other Simchat Bat certificates and we apologize for the inconvenience. This sale does not apply to presentation envelopes. Standard shipping rates apply.