Parashat HaShavua Now Available in Turn-Page Format for Hybrid Learning

The popular study guides Parashat HaShavua are now available in digital turn-page format, so students can continue their b'nai mitzvah learning seamlessly, whether they are in person, remote, or a combination of both.

There is a study guide for each of the 54 weekly Torah portions, and includes blessings, an overview of the weekly reading, the text of the reading in both Hebrew and English, rabbinical commentary, and study and discussion questions. Each guide also includes the corresponding Haftarah reading, in Hebrew and English.

Your purchase includes a physical copy of the book PLUS access to a digital turn-page version of the book, with permission to share it with one student for one school year. 

The turn-page version is an exact duplicate of the physical book, including the same page numbering. 

Access to the turn-page version is combined with a physical book. It is designed to make it simpler for teachers to work with learners remotely, guiding their learning. Even in remote learning settings, ideal learning is multi-modal. When learners have the physical materials, they have more control over their learning and can see the material in person. Therefore, each purchase is per student. And you cannot purchase access to the turn-page version separately from the physical book.

However, if you bought Parashat HaShavua booklets for this school year (purchased since August 2021), you can add on the turn-page version without buying a new package per student. Call us at 800-221-2755 for more information.

Find the full list of Parashat HaShavua guides here.  

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