Screen-Free, Playful Hebrew Practice for Home or Class Fun

Card games are time-tested sources of fun for both children and adults. They are also full of both social and academic benefits - AND get kids off screens. 

When used to supplement learning, card games engage both family members and other students in the learning process, making for a collaborative experience. 

Hooked on Hebrew is a new series of card games for practicing Hebrew alphabet and prayers - whether in school or at home or over the summer. Golem program members just received a set this month. 

The cards are designed for ages 8 and up, and are also well suited for intergenerational activity. Play up to 15 different games with each deck. (Cards were developed by Strong Learning and are available in three different packs.) 

The more fun you're having, the more you practice. And the more you practice, the more you learn! 

Quantity discounts are available so you can send a pack to each student for summer practice and fun. Order five packs or more and receive a 15% discount. Order 10 packs or more for 30% discount. Contact us for details.

With students, use them in one-to-one settings, small groups, or in teams. Don’t be surprised if your students ask to play at every session. That’s what happens when purposeful, playful practice is fun!

Some of the card games are can also be adapted for use online. Want to play Hebrew Bingo online with your students? Here's how:

  • Order one or more card decks. Download a game packet that includes a pdf Bingo board (9-space and 25-space) and a word list.
  • Email the pdf Bingo boards and the word lists to your students or families. Have students to fill in their own Bingo board(s) before class using letters, words or phrases from the word list.
  • Prepare Your Calling Deck: Remove all non-playing cards from the deck before class. Separate the letter pairs and use only one set.
  • To begin, shuffle and play:
    1. Call the letter (Or word or phrase if you are using the Prayer Cards).
    2. Show the letter (or word or phrase) in your webcam.
  • Students who have the letter should write an X on the called-square. (Note: If you'll want to use the Bingo card for another game, have students use an object to mark the squares instead, such as M&Ms, chocolate kisses, chocolate gelt, beans, pennies, buttons. However, checking the card may be more difficult remotely.)
  • The first student to get five in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally, on the 25-space board shouts, “Bingo!” Have the student read back the words. If they cannot read the words back to you, have them spell the letters they wrote.). 

For more ideas, download the Hooked on Hebrew Family Guide.

The following card decks are available:

Hooked On Hebrew: Hebrew Alphabet 1 

A single beginner deck.

This card deck is also available on Amazon



Hooked on Hebrew Phonics Pack

This pack contains four different decks: 

  • Hebrew Alphabet 1 (with hints)
  • Hebrew Alphabet 2 (no hints)
  • Hebrew Vowels 1
  • Hebrew Vowels 2

Hooked on Hebrew Prayer Pack

This pack contains three decks:

  • Sh'ma and V'ahavta
  • Aleinu
  • Mi Chamocha




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