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Escape rooms are extremely popular - there’s something about solving a problem, unlocking doors, and figuring out a puzzle that keeps participants engrossed. You can take advantage of this engaging format by making a digital version of an escape room, too.  (Plus, it’s free and doesn’t require you to set up real locks!)

Using Google Form’s verification tools, set up a series of challenges for students to solve. Students can only move on to the next challenge after they type in a correct answer and “unlock” a “lock,” continuing until they finally solve the final puzzle and “escape.”

To Learn More

  • For additional resources about digital breakouts, click here.
  • You can view a brief tutorial about how to create your own digital breakouts here.
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  • View a sample digital breakout here.

To create a breakout that uses Google Forms and its accompanying verification tools, you will need to have a Google account.

In Your Classroom

  • Think about what artifacts you can include in your digital breakout. For example, if you are creating an Israel-based breakout, you can create dummy flight tickets that show the destination as Ben Gurion airport. You can also create  phony certificates or  even a pretend breaking news story that also includes a key clue.
  • Anyone up for a Hanukkah-themed breakout room? You can have puzzles that invite students to help the Maccabees find the oil or defeat Antiochus.

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