Will You Be at NewCAJE10?

Are you coming to the NewCAJE conference in Portland, Oregon, July 28?  

We’d love to see you. Let us know if you’d like to schedule an appointment.

Please include in the body:

I’d like to meet you to discuss: 

We will be happy to: 

  1. 1) Show you what’s new from Behrman House, includingIsrael…It’s Complicated and Hebrew Alive! 

  1. 2) Discuss how Behrman House materials fit in your education program. 

  1. 3) Chat about any curricular matter that’s important to you. 


Please stop by the Behrman House booth in the exhibit hall. 

And please join our workshops: 

  1. 1) Confronting Israel’s Complexity in the Jewish Classroom 

Tackle Israel’s complexities head-on in a productive and safe way in your classroom. We’ll experience a lesson in action designed to help students engage with serious issues (cultural and religious divisions, the settlements, income inequality) in non-confrontational, stress-free ways, while developing their own authentic connection to Israel.  Activities are drawn from the new book Israel…It’s Complicated and its Teacher Resource Guide. 


  1. 2) Hebrew Alive! Talk, Move, and Play the Ulpan Way 

Create a fun and exuberant conversational Hebrew course for 3rd-6th graders with active, movement-based activities—all in Hebrew. We’ll play out authentic, functional Hebrew activities using real-life situations: ordering food in a restaurant, going shopping, inviting friends to a birthday party. This session is in English. Only the most rudimentary Hebrew knowledge is necessary to participate. Activities are drawn from the new teacher curriculum guide Hebrew Alive! Bonus: You will receive a complete sample unit and 285 Hebrew mini-word cards to copy for your classroom.  


Please let us knowyou’re coming. See you there!