Experience a Different Kind of Holocaust Commemoration

Yom HaShoah begins the evening of April 20. 

It's a moment to commemorate another dark time in our history, and this one has an urgency to it. With fewer living witnesses able to tell their stories firsthand, we need a new way to fulfill the responsibility that Holocaust survivors have entrusted to us - to remember, to tell the story, and to act.

Two Texas educators have created a powerful new approach, and are hosting a virtual commemoration for you to see a different kind of Holocaust remembrance. "We will observe Yom HaShoah as a global community, together while we are separate," announced the program creators, Deborah Fripp and Violet Neff-Helms.


DATE: Monday, April 20, 2020

TIME: 8 pm Eastern/7 pm Central

PLACE: Zoom 

Register here for more information. Groups, classes, and congregations are welcome. (The event will also be livestreamed on YouTube. Register to get details.) 

Please share the above link with your community, your friends, and your colleagues. 


Called Light from the Darkness: A Ritual for Holocaust Remembrance, it's a seder-like experience appropriate for a variety of people and groups, such as synagogues, teen, young adult, or intergenerational groups. Let's commemorate the Holocaust together - virtually - in this new way, and consider bringing this program to your community or school next year.   

The program is guided by Light from the Darkness in a structured, highly interactive format that an be used as a stand-alone program or scheduled as part of a series of community or school activities for Holocaust commemoration. Its language is appropriate for both Jewish and interfaith groups, and for teens and up.

The program includes:

• Questions designed for personal reflection or group discussion

• Stories of the lost Jewish communities of Europe

• Blessings and songs

• First-person accounts of daily life before, during, and after the Holocaust

Follow along with the printed book, available here, and here. Digital version is also available on Kindle and Apple Books.




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