A new batch of children's books address children's fears, the challenges of getting along when stuck at home, and how to calm our minds.

Here are three newly published books by Apples & Honey Press perfect for this unique time at home.


Worse and Worse on Noah's Ark by Leslie Kimmelman

"It's not easy to get along when you're crowded together on an ark ... or at home."

So begins a note from the author, prescient in its timing and message of empathy for families learning to live together under stressful circumstances.

The weather in Noah's neighborhood was terrible. It rained and rained and rained. Noah and his family crowded on board the ark. The animals got seasick. The skunks made a stink. How could things get worse? When the ark springs a leak, life for the animal and human passengers had already become so crowded and uncomfortable that everyone was irritable. But all the complaining wasn't helping. How can creatures live together in harmony? The animals on Noah's ark figured it out. Discover their secret.

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Mommy, Can You Stop the Rain?  by Rona Milch Novick, PhD


"This calming, credible approach to diverting children from the anxiety of volatile storms is a winner." - Kirkus Reviews

Mommy, can you stop the rain? Daddy, can you shush the thunder? 

Can grown-ups take away a scary storm?

No, says Mommy, I cannot stop the rain. No, says Daddy, I cannot shush the thunder.

But they can keep their little girl cozy and warm. They can help her grow strong and able to face the storm's scary sounds herself.

In this quietly powerful story psychologist Rona Novick shows parents how to both comfort children and help them face thier fears with the warmth and support they need. No, parents cannot take away every discomfort--but they have large roles to play in helping children work through their discomforts. 

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Read a Q&A with child psychologist and author Rona Novick about how to talk with children about scary topics. 





I Am the Tree of Life: My Jewish Yoga Book by Rabbi Mychal Copeland

Ranked #1 in New Releases, Childrens Judaism Books!

Take a deep breath in . . .

I am the giant fish that swallowed Jonah . . . 

and exhale slowly.
I am Miriam, the dancer. 

Feel the stories of the Bible come to life within you. 

I am the Tree of Life.

The Torah is called the Tree of Life. Just as a tree is always growing and changing, the Torah's ideas can help us grow and change, too. Yoda can do the same. Both can help us strengthen ourselves, calm our minds, and learn to appreciate the world around us.

Written by rabbi and certified yoga instructor Mychal Copeland, I Am the Tree of Life encourages us to explore both the world of yoga and the stories of the Bible and find meaning in both

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