Bridge Hebrew Decoding and Hanukkah Learning

Your students have learned to decode Hebrew - great! 

And they're also learning about Hanukkah. 

Bridge their excitement and new Hebrew skills in a meaningful way with Shalom, Reader: 57 Hebrew Activities to Show What You Know. This resource introduces students to a family and its pets, and follows them through simple stories and scenarios that are familiar to children, such as holiday celebrations, school, family, time, and the weather.

There's an entire chapter built around Hanukkah that includes:  

  • Hanukkah vocabulary
  • A short guided conversation with a friend in Hebrew about what they eat and drink during Hanukkah
  • A Hanukkah song
  • An interactive game of Connect the Dots to help students practice and demonstrate their Hebrew vocabulary comprehension
  • A short story with accompanying illustrations to aid comprehension 

As our Hanukkah gift to you, we're making the Hanukkah pages from Shalom, Reader available for free download. 

Much of the vocabulary in Shalom, Reader overlaps with the Bible and siddur, making Shalom, Reader an excellent bridge between a Hebrew primer and more complex texts from a reading or prayer learning program. 

"It's so nicely done in its simplicity," says Sherryl Gutes, director of education and programs at MakomNY, has been using Shalom, Reader with her third graders. "We love it, and the Hanukkah pages work beautifully."

A downloadable teachers' guide provides specific ideas for enriching the activities, and also includes strategies for teaching the material in remote learning environments. 

Shalom, Reader is available through Behrman House, or on Amazon. Also available with turn-page access for remote learning environments. 



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