How to Ensure Kids Start the New Year Strong with Hebrew

Kick Hebrew learning into high gear with our digital resources that provide a variety of ways to help learners get the specific practice they need and help you meet students where they are. 

Brain research shows that just five minutes a day—or even ten minutes twice or more per week—in addition to your regular learning time can make a big difference in second language acquisition skills. The more opportunities your students have to practice Hebrew reading, the more proficient and confident they will become. Learn more here. 

If your students are using learning apps, remember to set expectations for ongoing, regular practice to ensure a successful Hebrew learning experience. Tell students that if they want to become good Hebrew readers, they need to practice at home. Make sure the students know there’s nothing to worry about because it’s a replica of what they’re doing in class. Reassure them it's not too complicated, and they won’t get stuck.

For new decoders or for students are not using learning apps, they can get in their Hebrew practice by visiting to access free practice they can do at home. For example, the free prayer practice lets students read and sing along to more than 40 common prayers and blessings.  


If you have students who need some Hebrew refreshing, the Shalom Hebrew App is a digital primer that provides fun - and portable - language practice anywhere, anytime, and works on most devices. The first five lessons, which include letter and sound recognition games, recording options, and games, are free. 

View a demo of the app below. There's also a free Educator's Guide to Using Shalom Hebrew Digital App, available for download here