You survived the fall holiday marathon. Now it's time to use your uninterrupted schedule to focus on your students' Hebrew skills.

Our resources can help you meet students where they are in their Hebrew, and ensure they succeed in reaching the next level of your program.

To assess new or returning students:

The Diagnostic Hebrew Reading Test can help diagnose and remediate Hebrew reading problems for students who have already learned the Hebrew letters and vowels, and includes help to correct common reading errors. 

Download free sample pages from the Diagnostic Hebrew Reading Test.  

Or use the Hebrew Reading Assessment to diagnose specific student challenges with decoding at every level, with every Hebrew language program. Written specifically for assessing students' accuracy and fluency in decoding, Hebrew Reading Assessment includes 25 assessment pages divided into six sections. Each section includes an introduction providing guidance on how to assess that specific area of decoding.

With the Online Learning Center Edition, students can demonstrate their Hebrew skills and record and submit to you online from anywhere. You'll be able to listen to students' recordings anytime and leave written or recorded feedback on your own schedule. Use the results to target specific areas of remediation, provide constructive feedback, and craft individualized solutions to decoding challenges. A print version includes a set of black-line masters that match the online exercises.

To refresh skills:

Students who can decode may have experienced a summer slide. The Back-to-School Hebrew Reading Refresher can get them in shape in 3-4 weeks with practice games and exercises, writing skills, drills of Hebrew reading and remediation for reading problems. It's especially useful for students who completed a primer last year and are moving onto Book 1 of any Hebrew series. You can use it to plan lessons, personalize instruction, and communicate with students, parents, and other educators. 

Download some sample pages of the printed Back-to-School Hebrew Reading Refresher that you can begin using today.

To keep skills sharp all year long:

Begin each lesson with a quick and fun "reading workout" with the Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader. Use either of the two volumes for a few minutes at the start of a session for refreshing reading skills at any level. Game-like drills help students exercise their reading muscles - they'll play soccer, lift weights, and run relay races - without ever leaving the page.