If you have previously placed orders online using your school or synagogue’s account, you will notice some changes on the new Behrman House website. Here's what you need to know.

Your organization will now have more control over who is authorized to order on its account. And when you place an order for digital products, you will now easily find them in your school’s Online Learning Center (OLC), no matter which authorized user of your account places the order.

Of course, you can still call us directly at 800-221-2755 to place your order as you become familiar with the new ways our site works for organizations. We are here Monday-Friday 9:00 am–5:00 pm Eastern time.

Some Details

Sign in using your regular Behrman House login.

If you see your organization’s information when you sign in, then you are designated in our website’s database as the primary contact for your organization (there is only one per organization). You can use this account to order materials for your organization.

If your organization has an active Online Learning Center (OLC) account, we have designated the authorized Educational Director for your OLC as the primary contact for your organization. This will ensure that all OLC materials ordered for your school automatically get assigned to your OLC. If you are the authorized Educational Director for your school's OLC and you do NOT see your organization's information when you sign in to your account, please contact us immediately.

You can add colleagues to your organization’s main account, authorizing them to place orders online. Any digital licenses ordered by any of these colleagues will be passed automatically to your school’s OLC account. All invoices will be emailed to the primary contact, regardless of who places the order. You can add colleagues by creating “Sub-Accounts” from your organization’s main account. You may add as many colleagues as you wish using the Sub-Accounts feature, however, only one person may be designated as the primary contact for your organization. 

By the way, if you wish to establish a personal account on our site, simply sign up for a second account using a different email address.

If you see only your own name and email address when you sign in to behrmanhouse.com, your email is NOT linked to your organization’s account on our new website. It is considered an individual account. You will no longer be given an option at check out to connect your order to a specific school or synagogue account. If you want to be listed as a user of your organization’s account, please contact us at 800-221-2755 or customersupport@behrmanhouse.com for more information about becoming linked to it. Otherwise, your account will continue to be designated as an individual account.

We look forward hearing from you about ways we can make it easier to use our site and our materials. Please contact us at any time.

Thank you,

The Behrman House Team