Meet Noah Aronson: A Featured Hebrew in Harmony Musician

Written by Behrman House Staff, 06 of May, 2016

Hebrew in Harmony—the new prayer curriculum for 4th-6th graders—features music from today's top Jewish musicians. This is part of a series profiling some of these talented artists.

Noah Aronson

Who are your musical influences?

I am influenced by all different types of music. I try not to restrict myself to what I listen to. To me, as long as there is musical integrity and the artist is performing from an honest place, then I’m open to listening and letting the music influence me. 

What prayer most resonates with you, and why?

I think the Modeh Ani is what gets me going most days.  I love how the day begins with gratitude and I especially appreciate the line “rabbah emunatecha” How great is your faithfulness.  How amazing is it that you’ve entrusted this soul to us once again to be used for good in the world and to try each and every day to do and to be better.  

What's one instrument you wish you could play?

I wish I could play the flute.  

How did you meet your bandmates?

I met my bandmates through Berklee College of Music.  They are all Israelis and I was an Israeli wannabe! 

What's one technique you use to engage your congregation?

Being present.  That’s all I can ever really do.  I need to listen to myself, I need to listen to the room and to the energy of the space.  Each group is different because each person is different.  So the only tool I have at my disposal in performance is to be as present and as aware as possible. 

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