We've created free, ready-to-go lessons and downloadable resources to make it easy for you to provide meaningful learning experiences with your students. Every few months we have been curating Hebrew and Judaics resources for learners of all ages, whether you are back in the classroom, continuing remote learning, or implementing a blended home/school environment.

Here are some Hanukkah lessons for hands-on learning this holiday. You can find these resources - along with many others - right our home page. 

In addition, we've also put together are some Guides for Remote Learning for Hebrew and for Judaics with smart tips that can be applied to any of the free resources on this new resource page. And top it off, we’ve put together a Curriculum Guide to show how three Big Ideas can help you structure a year-long curriculum using these and forthcoming free resources. Explore the Educator Resources page now.

Hanukkah begins the evening of December 10, 2020.

Grades K-2

Find meaning in Jewish holidays 

Students will learn about spinning the dreidel, eating latkes, and lighting the menorah. 

Hanukkah student Lesson

Hanukkah teacher material

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Explore how a Hanukkah menorah is made

Students will enjoy these creative, easy-to-follow activities for making menorahs and candles at home.

Menorah lesson

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Grades 3-6

Get creative for Hanukkah

Students will engage with the Maccabee story by illustrating it themselvesThis fun, creative activity will get kids thinking about our Jewish history. 

Hanukkah student lesson

Hanukkah teacher material

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 Grades 7 and up

Explore themes of courage for Hanukkah

Learners will delve deep into the Hanukkah story and reflect on what it means to take action on behalf of others.  

Hanukkah student lesson

Hanukkah teacher lesson

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