Now Available: If I Swam with Jonah

If I saw a big fish,

twice the size of a ship,

and she swam by my boat in the sea,

if that fish opened wide

showing Jonah inside,

I would holler,

"Hey, fish, wait for me!"


What would you do if you met Jonah and the big fish? Would you make them a seaweed snack? Join them for a swim in the sea?

Maybe you'd show Jonah how to help others.

If I Swam with Jonah, by Pamela Moritz and beautifully illustrated by MacKenzie Haley, is a new picture book for ages 3-6. It includes a note for families with a brief explanation of the story of Jonah, struggling with doing things we should but don't want to do, and helping others.

If I Swam with Jonah is now available through the Behrman House store. Will be available on Amazon beginning April 4.