Reach Students Digitally with New App for Chaverim B'Ivrit

Chaverim B’Ivrit, the day school Hebrew language series, now has its first official digital component. The exciting new app is available for volumes 1-8 and is designed to reinforce vocabulary and concepts covered in the popular Chaverim B’Ivrit books.

Use it FREE for the 2019-2020 school year.

The app is usable on all devices, and includes:
More than 350 Hebrew YouTube video clips (mostly Israeli) that match the content of each Chaverim B’Ivrit volume. 
A tool for teachers and students to create their own videos and add them to the app to create a class collection. Teachers can moderate the uploaded student videos, which are visible only to that teacher’s classroom.
Reading practice Students can read along while listening to audio recordings of narratives, dialogues, song lyrics, and biblical quotes from Chaverim B’Ivrit. Students can also record themselves and play back the audio, or share their recordings with a teacher. Perfect for assessing Hebrew reading and speaking skills, or for extra opportunities for improvement.

A built-in teacher’s guide for using each video, written in modern Hebrew by master Chaverim B’Ivrit educator, Michal Lev, with creative activities you can use in your classroom. Each activity has been piloted in a real classroom.

Ideal for classroom use by teachers or by students working in small groups or at their own pace. Assign work for at-home review, for absent students to catch up, or for parents to help with Hebrew homework.

To preview the app, click here. You can also preview the app on a digital device by finding the app in the Apple App store or Google Play.

To purchase the app, visit us at and search for Chaverim B'Ivrit. You can also find the program on our website in the Apps section. Once purchased, you can download the app from the Apple App store or from Google Play, sign in, and get started. Alternately, you can visit our website