Shavuot is on Friday, May 29. Introduce students and families to this joyful holiday through these two resources that come complete with activities and guidance for active, creative learning. 

For K-2

Let's Discover the Holidays 

 This 4-page folder include an introduction to the meaning of Shavuot, its objects, and its rituals. Simple retellings of the holiday’s stories are included with rich illustrations that will delight young readers and their grown-ups, too. A key goal is to help children discover their own connections to the holidays. 

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For Grades 3-6

Expanding Perspective

A key theme of Shavuot is the notion that different people can see or experience things differently, and that we all understand Torah in our own way. In this activity from Make, Create, Celebrate: Jewish Holidays through Art, students will study the Torah text that describes the moment the Jewish people received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. They will look at artwork and then create their own ripped-paper artwork that explores the idea that we all experience and understand Torah in unique and individual ways. Art is the lens through which students can connect with the holiday in a personal way.

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Looking for more educator resources for the summer? Explore bite-size digital samples of top Hebrew and Judaica resources so you can continue building skills and maintaining connections with students. Find them here. 



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