Summer break is nearly here. 

Whether children are at home or off at camp, there will be plenty of opportunities for quiet activity. Build in some chances to deepen Jewish connection and keep Hebrew skills sharp with card games.

Hooked on Hebrew is a series of card games that reinforce Hebrew letters and prayers - whether in school or at home or over the summer - and are full of both social and academic benefits. Plus, card games are time-tested sources of fun for both children and adults.  

Melissa Pescatore, director of religious education at Temple Shaari Emeth in Manalapan New Jersey, purchased a deck of cards for each student in her school - grade K-6 - and gave them out as take-home gifts on the last day of school in the spring. She also sent all the families a link to a downloadable family guide so the students could play at home. 

Some students also met to play card games such as Bingo, Crazy 8's, Go Fish, and Memory, at the synagogue's Summer Hebrew Enrichment program. "We used the decks every single week because the students loved them so much," Pescatore said. There are up to 15 different games that can be played with each deck. Cards are available in three different packs.

Pescatore said they have "really seen reading improvement from the students who use the cards. It's fun, and we know the more they practice at home, the better their skills become."

The following card decks are available:

Hooked On Hebrew: Hebrew Alphabet 1 

A single beginner deck.

This card deck is also available on Amazon



Hooked on Hebrew Phonics Pack

This pack contains four different decks: 

  • Hebrew Alphabet 1 (with hints)
  • Hebrew Alphabet 2 (no hints)
  • Hebrew Vowels 1
  • Hebrew Vowels 2

Hooked on Hebrew Prayer Pack

This pack contains three decks:

  • Sh'ma and V'ahavta
  • Aleinu
  • Mi Chamocha


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