The kids are all at home and Passover is here.

These unique stories from Apples & Honey Press are a great addiiton to your library.


How It’s Made Matzah by Allison Ofanansky 

Meet the people who make matzah and see how they keep to the strict 18-minute time limit, mirroring the Israelites race against time over 2,000 years ago. Find out how making matzah is more than just mixing flour and water, and how it shows us the value of working together. Get it here, or here




Passover Cowboy by Barbara Diamond Goldin

Last year, Jacob and his family had been in Russia, but this year they were in the new land of Argentina. Jacob hoped his new friend Benito would join them for the seder. Would he? Could a Passover meal here, with cowboys, chickens and horses, feel like home, too?

Sydney Taylor Award-winning author Barbara Diamond Goldin gives us a compelling peek into a remarkable chapter in Jewish history in this historically-based, fictional story about a family celebrating Passover in Argentina in the late 1800’s. Get it here, or here






Kayla and Kugels’ Almost Perfect Passover by Ann D. Koffsky

Kayla loves having Passover seder with her family and her dog, Kugel even though he almost spills the grape juice, makes a mess of the matzah, and takes off with the afikoman! This story touches on the highlights of the Passover seder with warmth and humor. Get it here, or here

Extra Resource: You can print out free,  Passover coloring pages by Ann Koffsky over here