End the year with seven of our most popular articles, covering great ideas from icebreakers to madrichim programs to talking with kids about difficult things.

School Management

Meet a Model Madrichim Program

"Our teens are our crown jewels." What's M'kor Shalom's secret sauce?  




Three Steps to Creating Powerful Change — Using Rubrics for Teacher Development

What changes do you want to bring to your setting?

How will you know whether your staff has the skills to actually do things differently?

How will you help them identify and develop the new skills they might need?

 Consider how rubrics can help us implement change in our settings and begin the process of creating a rubric of skills for teaching and learning in the Jewish educational space.


Tachlis Tips

Welcome Students Back to School with Icebreakers from The Jewish Educator's Companion

Successful education starts with relationships - among students, and between children and teachers. These sample icebreakers can help get you started.



Big Ideas

The Joy of Hebrew: Making Meaningful Connections to the Language

Key takeaways from research into second language learning, from Hebrew expert Dina Maiben.




Hitting the Reset Button on Delayed Decoding

What happens when delayed decoding doesn't work? Educators in Austin decided to start fresh.




Yes, We Should Talk to Our Kids about Difficult Things

How can we guide our children and our students while they process difficult current events?




How Should We Memorialize the Holocaust?

As the fragile window of witness closes, we need a new way to commemorate the Holocaust.




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