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  1. The Confidence to Teach Israel, Delivered to Your Door

    The Confidence to Teach Israel, Delivered to Your Door
    What will you find in this month's Golem shipment?
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  2. Three Steps to Creating Powerful Change — Using Rubrics for Teacher Development

    Three Steps to Creating Powerful Change — Using Rubrics for Teacher Development

    What changes do you want to bring to your setting?

    How will you know whether your staff has the skills to actually do things differently?

    How will you help them identify and develop the new skills they might need?

    At the ARJE Gathering last month in Washington, D.C. over two dozen educators gathered to consider how rubrics can help us implement change in our settings, and to begin the process of creating together a rubric of skills for teaching and learning in the Jewish educational space.

    If we want to teach differently, we need to make sure we and our staff have a way to identify, articulate, and then develop the new skills that will help everyone grow professionally and become reflective practitioners.

    At a workshop led by Kim Bodemer, Senior Director of Education and Youth Engagement, and Vicki Weber, Partner at Behrman House, participants worked in pairs and small groups to articulate the s

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  3. How to Create Inclusive Learning Environments

    How to Create Inclusive Learning Environments

    February is Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month, and provides an opportunity to examine how your services and learning environments meet the needs of all your students.

    In Everyone is Welcome, Steven Rau and Stacey Levy state that “families need to know that our congregations are safe places for all students, no matter their differences or special needs.” There are ways to adapt school communities, classrooms, and teaching methods to be more accessible and inclusive of all students, regardless of their physical, emotional, or intellectual challenges.

    Here are some tips:

    Make simple classroom accommodations – Arrange the room so all students can see the board and teacher. If you use pods or groupings around tables, make sure you have a plan for students to face you when speaking.

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  4. Tech Tools: Public Domain Published Works

    Tech Tools: Public Domain Published Works
    Thousands of previously copyrighted works have entered the public domain.
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  5. Discover New Teaching Ideas Using Golem Express

    Discover New Teaching Ideas Using Golem Express

    The Behrman House Golem Express Plan is an effective, affordable way to discover new ways to engage your students. 

    This simple, easy-to-budget plan delivers the latest student resources, educator guidebooks, mindfulness, and other creative approaches, directly to your door. The Golem Express Plan is a great way to build your library and identify new resources for teachers.

    How does it work?
    Your organization is billed a once-annual fee of $99 for the full year, billed with the first shipment. All additional packages arrive automatically with no additional charges and free shipping.

    How do I sign up?
    In the past several years, the value of Golem shipments has been between $149-175 per year. So you can be the first to see new releases while saving all year long. To sign up for the Golem Express Plan, 

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  6. Tech Tools: Project-Based Learning

    Tech Tools: Project-Based Learning
    Interested in trying Project-Based Learning? Here are some digital resources.
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  7. Will We See You At ARJE 2019?

    Will We See You At ARJE 2019?

    Coming to the ARJE Gathering? Don't miss these workshops led by Behrman House staff.

    Monday, January 16 at 10:00 am

    Beyond Tweaks: Driving Change in Your Hebrew Curriculum

    Terry Kaye will facilitate a discussion among three ARJE educators—Emily Cohen, Temple Sinai, Sandy Springs, GA; Rabbi Rena Rifkin, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, NYC; and Samara Schwartz, Congregation Beth Israel, Houston, TX—about the process of changing their Hebrew programs.

    Educators are thinking long and hard about their Hebrew programs (“It’s where the rubber hits the road”). Hear directly from your colleagues about how they changed their Hebrew curriculum: set new goals; engaged parents, teachers, and students; what the practical changes look like—and how their Hebrew programs are working now, on the other side of the process. Educator presenters will share their new models such as small group and self-paced learning; driving

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  8. Making a New Year's Resolution? Make It a SMART One

    Making a New Year's Resolution? Make It a SMART One
    It’s New Year’s Resolution season. Here's the trick to turning that longing for change into the actions that bring the satisfaction of achievement.
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  9. Give Yourself the Gift of Rejuvenation

    Give Yourself the Gift of Rejuvenation
    Here are a few ideas to inspire you as you head into 2019.
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  10. Tech Tools: Blended Play

    Tech Tools: Blended Play
    Written by Debbie Harris, Tech Tools brings you excellent technology tips to inspire you and add creativity to your teaching.

    The Technology

     Blended Play is a free website that allows you to create fun games that can help your students review content.

    The many game options offer engaging themes, such as outer space, medieval castles, and sushi making. Each game presents a goal for students to strive for as they review the content that you input into the game. For example, in one castle game, students try to be the first to build a ladder and get over the castle wall. Each time a student (or a team of students) answers a review question correctly, the ladder grows taller until they finally reach their goal.

    To create your own game, visit the website and click the red section in the middle to

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