Hebrew in Harmony Builds Community

What started as a simple request on a Facebook group from a Florida educator for information about Hebrew in Harmony grew into an online chorus of like-minded educators seeking to create a community of inquiry.

Josh Ackman, the education director at Temple Shaarei Shalom in Boynton Beach, Florida, turned to the JEDLAB community to "pick [their] brain." Within a day, he had heard from more than a dozen educators from around the country asking to be part of his effort. Someone connected him with Eliana Light, the Hebrew in Harmony curriculum author, and Terry Kaye, the project manager, and the two quickly realized that an online open forum would be the best way to help these educators get the answers they wanted. 

A webinar two weeks later connected Ackman with the Hebrew in Harmony team and the other educators to learn about the program, giving them a chance to ask all their questions of the series creators. 

"We were pleased to participate in this grassroots initiative and to seek to support educators in using Hebrew in Harmony in a way that fits with their program," says Kaye. 

We know how important it is to feel like you have a place to ask questions and share information. That's why we created the growing Hebrew in Harmony Facebook group for educators. It's the fastest way to get information about the series and the perfect place to swap tips and best practices as you consider the program or roll it out in your school. 

We will also be working with another community group on Hebrew in Harmony through the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life. A May 2 webinar just for ISJL communities will give those schools a chance to learn from Eliana Light and Aviva Lucas Gutnick, education editor at Behrman House. Part of the ISJL network? Let us know if you want to join us online at 1 pm on May 2. 


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