More Hebrew Materials Now Available to Ensure Your Goals Wherever Learning Takes Place

Safeguard your curricular plans and keep Hebrew learning goals in sight no matter what scenarios awaits this coming school year.

Hebrew materials are now available in packages that include an online turn-page format, to help ensure continuity in your school program - whether you meet in person, by video conference, in online tutorial sessions, or in some combination.

The following titles are currently available with online turn-page access:

Over the coming weeks, we will be rolling out more of our most widely-used Hebrew and Judaica materials in turn-page format. See the list of what's coming.

How it Works 

The multimedia package includes a physical copy of the book or booklet PLUS access to an enhanced digital turn-page version of the book, with permission to share it with one student in a remote learning setting. Access to the turn-page version runs through July 2021. The enhanced turn-page version also includes teaching tips for that specific material and selected printable PDF pages for student use.


Purchase one package for each student - there is no extra charge for teachers! Books will be shipped, and the turn-page version delivered via a link that you can share with your teachers. When working with students in video-conference platforms such as Zoom, teachers can share their screen to show the turn-page version while students use their books to follow along, or for regular practice, independent work, chevruta study, or as a portfolio of completed work. The turn-page version is an exact replica of the physical book - same content, same page numbers. 

We understand this is new, and hard. These new tools will help you maintain your curriculum with a fairly seamless transition to remote learning or a hybrid model. 

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