What does it mean to engage with prayer?

Is it a spiritual connection? Or an intellectual appreciation? Or a chance for personal reflection?

The overarching goal of ­­Hebrew in Harmony is to help students tap into all three – using music as the foundation. Pick from among 22 prayers modules and teach them in any order. The activities use multiple modalities, such as art, movement, mindfulness, videos, and more, to teach Hebrew prayer.

Beneath the surface of this groundbreaking way to teach prayer is a rigorous pedagogic structure that has been carefully crafted to home in on specific concepts, skills, and content.

The scope and sequence for each prayer module in Hebrew in Harmony maps out the Enduring Understandings, key Hebrew words, Jewish values, music selections and analysis, choreography (when applicable), literary techniques and unique digital features.

Whether you’re just starting out with Hebrew in Harmony or were an early adopter, this is a useful tool for educators to be able to see a snapshot of what’s covered in each prayer module.

Click the image for a downloadable PDF version.


Click here for tips on how to start the year strong with Hebrew in Harmony.




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