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  1. Make Your Own Makerspace

    Make Your Own Makerspace
    They're popping up in schools, libraries, and private facilities everywhere. Is it right for your school?
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  2. Tech Tools: Instagram in the Classroom

    Tech Tools: Instagram in the Classroom
    Your students love Instagram. Here's a classroom-safe version.
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  3. Using Hebrew in Harmony on an iOS Device?

    Using Hebrew in Harmony on an iOS Device?
    Be sure to check the App Store for a software update to enjoy the newest version
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  4. Meet the New Behrman House Website

    Our website is evolving every day to make the user experience friendlier and more accessible. Learn how to find the materials and resources that you need.
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  5. Behrman House Annual Survey Reveals Both Compliments and Areas to Improve

    Behrman House Annual Survey Reveals Both Compliments and Areas to Improve

    A true friend will tell us both what makes us special to them, and what we need to hear to improve. Our yearly quality of service survey gives each of our customers the opportunity to be that friend for us. Thank you for your thoughtful responses. Here is what we learned.

    82% of this year’s respondents told us they are very or extremely satisfied with our performance. We are delighted at the large number of our customers who find we do an excellent job for them.

    • “Thank you for being awesome!”

    • “I have been ordering for 20 years, and the service overall has been consistently great! Thank you so much and keep up the good work!”

    • “Keep doing what you have been doing for years. Your company is an important resource for our school.”

    At the same time, 15% of those responding indicated we are doing ok while 3% feel we should be doing

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  6. Get the Help You Need with Our New Support Ticket Feature

    If you’re looking for help with our website, our online store, or your digital software, don’t go it alone. Use our new support ticket system to connect to someone who can help. Brought to you by Freshdesk, this new system will allow us to work together to resolve issues faster.

    To begin, log into with your Behrman House ID and go to the Support Ticket page. Bookmark it for future reference or, to find it again, scroll down on the main Behrman House page and click request tech support under 'contact us.'

    You’ll then se

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