1. You Bought Digital Resources — Now What?

    You Bought Digital Resources — Now What?
    If you’ve purchased digital products and are curious about the next steps, this useful guide will lead you in the right direction.
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  2. Tech Tools: 'Make It' for Teachers

    Tech Tools: 'Make It' for Teachers
    Welcome to Tech Tools, our new newsletter feature. Written by Debbie Harris, this column will bring you excellent technology tips to inspire you and add creativity to your teaching.

    The Technology

    Create your own interactive games and share them with your students to play. To create a game, first download the Make It application to your device.

    • - Download the Mac app here
    • - Download the iOS app here

    You’ll also want to create an account so that you’ll be able to save your game. (Your students will not need to crea

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  3. Keep Hebrew Skills Sharp All Summer Long

    Summer doesn't have to mean a break from Hebrew. Share these resources with students to help keep their language comprehension skills sharp.
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  4. Should I Buy a Chromebook?

    As the digital director at Behrman House, I’m constantly asked many questions about hardware and software.  What’s the best phone?  Should I update my operating system?  Am I going to get the latest virus on my compute

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